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Don´t miss the most successful project in a history of Karlin Musical Theater! You can also attend one of the gala Opening Nights! So please...

Karlin Musical Theatre and TaFantastika Theatre proudly present a very special 2011 edition of the musical Carmen played exclusively...

200.000 spectator - (17.05.2010)
Friday, April 23, 2010: sold out auditorium of the Karlin Musical Theatre welcomed the 200.000 spectator of the musical Carmen. The lucky man was...
First anniversary - (03.10.2009)
The American musical Carmen, which had its world premiere one year ago at Karlín Musical Theatre, celebrated its first anniversary on October 2.
100th show - (29.05.2009)
Nomination - (18.01.2009)
CD release - (09.12.2008)
CD CARMEN - (04.11.2008)

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